Molly Anderson


SATURDAY midtempo yoga :








Molly started doing yoga casually while living in Australia and LA, but didn’t get serious about it until she moved back to Chicago. In 2002, after a traumatic loss, she dove into the practice to cope and heal. Yoga was exactly what she needed in her life. Molly’s practice blossomed and sometimes she met her mat 2-3 times per day. The more she practiced the clearer and stronger she became. Throughout this time Molly also began taking workshops at Moksha Yoga, where she eventually completed her teacher training with Darren Friesen. After sometime, Molly met the teacher that inspired her the most, Ana Forrest. Ana’s passion and intense practice spoke to Molly’s need for vigor and discipline; she began travelling and practicing with Ana as much as she could. In 2007, Molly completed Ana’s Advanced Forrest Teacher Training and today cites Forrest yoga as the root of her teaching. Using the Forrest style of yoga, Molly learned to work with and through her physical injuries and personal issues and has made it her mission to guide others through a similar process in a supportive and empowering way.