Nora Gonshak


MONDAY yin yoga: 7.45-8.45pm

SATURDAY downtempo yoga: 2-3pm


I married into Yoga in 2012 when I met Rich. I loved the time spent on my mat from the very start, the chance to learn more about how my body works, to feel the lines of energy and to connect to my breath. To me, Yoga is an endless source of inspiration, an opportunity to develop and refine the Self. The practice has taught me to trust the process and my body, it has enabled me to explore and observe, to be both creative and methodological.

My classes embrace the gentle side of Yoga. I am fascinated with the quiet nature of Yin Yoga, the chance to slow down and observe how the body unfolds when you give it time. I think that most of us need to practice more kindness to ourselves and Yin/downtempo classes create the perfect environment for that. I love connecting with the people who walk through the Shiva Shack doors. I love that we get to share the experience of Yoga and walk the path together, thank you.