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Zen Drummer Concert

The Zen Drummer (Damon Grossman) weaves the African djembe under a resonant voice chanting mantras both ancient and original. He will facilitate a transcendent experience with his resonant voice and powerful rhythms, skillfully layering these elements with a smorgasbord of nature sounds using a live-looping device. This effectively creates Zen Drummer's rhythmically reverberating relaxing melodic mantric sound bath. Relax and let the combination of these elements calm your nervous system. You will be guided on a journey beyond the mind.

Damon's musical sensibilities were refined by his immersion experiences of living in Self-Realization Fellowship ashrams in Escondido and Encinitas from 2013 to 2016 and studying djembe at the Dagbe Institute in Ghana, Africa for extended periods in 2003 and 2007.

"Amazing!" "An experience!" "Reverberations!" "A journey with the drum and his amazing voice" "Carried by Zen Drummer's presence"

$20 @ Shiva Shack 1942 N LEAVITT STREET, CHICAGO IL 60647