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Meet your Power Animal: Shape-shifting and Transfiguration

You will: Embark on a journey to the spirit world in this drum guided meditation. Experience the ways of shamans and medicine men from all over the world, and how they communicate with their spirit guides. Learn how to communicate with your power animal and connect to the spirit world, and how to bridge this information back to your everyday life. Understand the wisdom and medicine of your totem guides and open your awareness to the guidance of your spirit animals.

Shape-shifting, Transmutation, and Transfiguration
Metamorphosis is a strong impetus for growth, it aids us in changing ourselves, our perceptions of the world and our relationship with the world. When working with animal spirits and energies, it is possible to consciously employ metamorphosis in the form of shape-shifting. Shape-shifting can be magically understood as being the ability to change and shift the thoughts and perceptions we usually inhabit. Through the processes of inviting the spirit energy to become a part of us, we shift and change our own understanding. 

Hosted by Simon Jay, Shamanic Healing Workshop is a series focusing on healing the mind, body & spirit. By developing our inherent healing abilities, awareness to the world around us, participation in our co-creative manifestation, we bridge a stronger bond of connection to source and spirit world. This class will focus on learning about Shamanic techniques and how to implement them into your own healing practices.

The series is designed to flow synergistically. While they compliment each other, each classes are stand alone and can be experienced without prior experience of the other workshops.

Cost: $30 (door) or $25 (online)
Save Money Pre-register for 4 Classes for only $90 or all Classes for $180 For Questions call (312) 866-2606

• Meet your Power Animal: Shape-shifting and Transfiguration (March 2)
• Spirit Medicine: Partner Power Animal Guides & Guardians (March 16)
• Sacred Reflection: See and Heal your past life Karma (March 30)
• Sacred Reflection: Past Life Healing with Partner (April 13)
• Trance Meditation - Journey to the Upper World (May 4)
• Soul Retrieval - Journey to the Underworld (May 18)
• Ceremony & Magic: Cleansing and Stepping into your Manifestation (June 1)