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Soul Retrieval - Journey to the Underworld

Anyone who's had a trauma, from a shamanic point of view, may have had some loss of their soul. Soul, as defined here, refers to one's spiritual essence. The integrity of this essence is essential to one's well-being. The techniques for healing soul-loss (or partial soul-loss) are soul-retrieval techniques: one classic shamanic method is for the practitioner to journey and search for the missing portion of soul, and then restore it.

Hosted by Simon Jay, Shamanic Healing Workshop is a series focusing on healing the mind, body & spirit. By developing our inherent healing abilities, awareness to the world around us, participation in our co-creative manifestation, we bridge a stronger bond of connection to source and spirit world. This class will focus on learning about Shamanic techniques and how to implement them into your own healing practices.

The series is designed to flow synergistically. While they compliment each other, each classes are stand alone and can be experienced without prior experience of the other workshops.

• Soul Retrieval - Journey to the Underworld (May 11th)
• Ceremony & Magic: Cleansing and Stepping into your
Manifestation (May 25th)

Cost: $30 (door) or $25 (online)