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The Healing Power of Sacred Water: Ceremony & Workshop with Shaman Jay

In this workshop you will:
- Discover how different healers around the world use water for medicine and healing rituals.
- Learn the different ways water can be purified, restructured, charged, and programmed.
- Participate in a meditative healing ceremony focused on using the power of concentrated intention into charging and programming the water for healing and higher vibrational tuning.
- Taste and feel the difference between regular tap water and restructured water.
- Take home a portion of the intentionally charged healing water for you to share or for personal use.

Wear something comfortable for mediation

You are welcome to bring:
- A journal to take notes
- Crystals and personal sacred items
- A water vessel / container (no labels if possible, something that can be frozen would be best)

Price: $20 (Pre-register) / $25 (door)