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Bridging Yoga and Social Change: New Paradigm Skills Set with France Yoli Maya Yeh Joseph, MA, RYT

Course Description:

How often do we say we wish to do more volunteer teaching out of the yoga studio but don’t feel equipped to tackle the challenges of cultural differences and intersectional inequality? This workshop will delve into basic cultural competencies for engaging yoga in community settings. Beginning with one’s own foundation practice, the workshop will explore communication, conflict resolution and listening skills that enable yoga facilitators to be effective leaders. We will align ourselves with a New Paradigm Skills Set- a toolkit for self-discovery and community building. Join us for an immersion in transformational learning!

Activities will include:

  • Community Ritual for Processing

  • Introduction to Language of Feelings and Deep Listening

  • Experience Peace Circle/Community Conflict Resolution Format

  • Self-Care for Activists

  • Exploration of Engagement Learning

  • Defining Personal Ethics/Moral Compass

  • Developing Cultural Awareness and Demystifying Cultural Appropriation

  • Discussion of Intersection of Yogic Theory and Current Cultural Paradigm Shift

This course is for certified yoga and meditation teachers and anyone who uses or wishes to use yoga/meditation/mindfulness as a tool for community building or activism.

You will learn:

  • Introduction to Non-Violent Communication: Feelings Literacy

  • Personal Development Practices for Community Activism

  • Ethics of How to Hold Space for Community Processing

  • Understanding Non-Linear Forms of Communication for Communities of Color

  • How to Explore Your Interests, Agreements and Moral Grounding

  • Yogic Theory of Transformation and Evolution of Self

  • Cross-Cultural Competencies

  • Leadership Development- Role of Asking Questions, Listening and Leading from Behind



About the presenter:

Yoli Maya Yeh is a Yoga Therapist (VYASA, Yoga for the Special Child) and an Educator in Comparative Religions and Global Studies (MA Comparative Religious Ethics). Yoli spent twelve years of her young adulthood studying language, yoga, tantra, ayurveda, healing arts and meditation in India. A native of Evanston, IL, she blends her understandings of Indigenous wisdom teachings, mind-body science, yogic discipline, and play into innovative educational programs for all ages and abilities. Her recent teaching adventures in cross-cultural education work took her to Jordan, Israel, India, Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia with 15-23 year old students challenging themselves to understand what it means to be a Global Citizen. Back at home Yoli can be found teaching History, Civics and Governance for grades 6-12 at Fusion Academy and running her non-profit, LumenKids, fostering personal and leadership development tools for emerging adults in the Chicagoland area. More info at: