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Expanding Intuition, Intuitive Drawing & Divination

This workshop will introduce technique in developing the third eye, intuition and practices into tapping our psychic ability.

Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without proof, evidence, or conscious reasoning, or without understanding how the knowledge was acquired. Some people think of intuition as a mystical power. Skeptics write it off as a matter of lucky guesswork. But scientists who study the phenomenon say it's a very real ability that can be identified in lab experiments and visualized on brain scans. In this class we will learn one of the many ways we can use our intuition and process of divination into learning more about someone and gaining insight into another person.

Hosted by Simon Jay, Shamanic Healing Workshop is a series focusing on healing the mind, body & spirit. By developing our inherent healing abilities, awareness to the world around us, participation in our co-creative manifestation, we bridge a stronger bond of connection to source and spirit world. This class will focus on learning about Shamanic techniques and how to implement them into your own healing practices.

Cost: $30 (door) or $25 (online)

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Later Event: August 5
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