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Shamanic Drum Circle - Discover your Power Animal

Led by Shaman Jay this workshop will begin with an energetic drum jam and ecstatic dance that will facilitate a connection to our spiritual nature.

Drum Circle -– Come share sacred space with us and drum to the beat of our spirit and the rhythm of our tribe. Bring your drums, shakers, and other percussive instruments in this high energy communication through drumming, singing, dancing, hooping and music. Singers, hoopers, and dancers are also very welcome to share your energy to the circle.

Shamanic Spirit Journey –You will: Embark on a journey to the spirit world in this drum guided meditation. Experience the ways of shamans and medicine men from all over the world, and how they communicate with their spirit guides. Learn how to communicate with your power animal and connect to the spirit world, and how to bridge this information back to your everyday life. Understand the wisdom and medicine of your totem guides and open your awareness to the guidance of your spirit animals.