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Working w/ Crystals Healing and Grids: Healing the Luminous Body

The power of earth, crystals are one of the oldest and known technology in storing energetic information, healing, and re-tuning our physical body to their proper frequency. Every crystal has its own unique properties and vibrational frequency that affects us and our energetic field differently. In this class we will explore some of the major benefits of crystals and different techniques we can use to incorporate in our energetic healing treatments. We will also learn grounding techniques and how to build a crystal grid in promoting flow of energy, growth, and alignment in our bodies and or space.

The Kundalini and Chakra system is a known and used systems by many different cultures, including Chinese medicine with the Meridians and Shamans of the Amazon describing energetic light centers when they have visionary experiences. While they have different names, the principle and locations of these energetic centers are consistent and an effective way of understanding how our physical health parallels our mental, emotional, and spiritual states. The information is vast, but in this class, we will begin to explore each energetic center and the major associations they have to our health, the planets, sound vibration, light/color spectrum, emotions, organs, and the known treatments associated with them.

About the instructor:
Native to the Philippines, Simon Jay a.k.a. “Shaman Jay” was raised and taught by his grandmother who was a “Hilot/Babaylan” meaning she was the family/community healer, elder sage and soothsayer. Jay came to America to master energy healing, crystals, sound therapy, Reiki, and aromatherapy. His specialty is working with shamanic healing and ceremonies. Today Jay is a painter of visionary art and a sound healing musician/therapist with over 10 years of musical experience. He is a student of the Chicago Shaolin Temple and leads qi gong/tai chi classes.

Early Bird (before 10/18): $25

Regular Admission (10/18-10/19): $30

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