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Akashic Gong Wash: A Sound Healing Journey To The Souls Records

The Akashic records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. The Akashic records contain information about your soul journey and mission in this lifetime and what energy you have come to learn and leave behind in the physical world. It also contains information about your life on earth, the people you are destined to meet and the lifestyle you are destined to create for yourself.An Akashic Record session will open your heart towards increased self-love, provide the answers that you have been seeking, bring you into intuitive contact with your past lives or inner child, refresh your energy, and even work to heal your physical, mental, and emotional self.

Be transported with the sacred sounds of the flute, bells, singing bowls, handpan, drums, and Gong as you journey through tones, frequencies, and live sound healing. This immersive and meditative journey is designed to clear the energetic and physical body while bringing harmony to the system. Be immersed through this transient trans-formative auditory and vibrational exprerience that can facilitate a cleansing, clearing, calming and energizing effect.

About the Akashic Records:
The Akashic Records are believed to be a vibrational imprint of a souls past, present and future possibilities. Also known as the Book of Records or the Book of Life, the Akashic Records have been referenced in all of the major religions of the world. They are said to be accessed from beyond the causal realm, foregoing karmic contracts and entanglements, giving a wide view informed by deep love, compassion and understanding for the human experience and the journey of the soul.

The powerful Gong serves as a facilitator to break up emotional, physiological and spiritual blockages. Featuring 2 Unique and complimentary gongs. The "Sun Gong" specifically tuned to the vibration frequency of the Sun and is associated with the OM tone. It has been revered by Hindus since ancient times that the sun is manifestation of the Om which gives life and vibrates its healing and life giving frequency. Paired with the “Atlantis Gong”, they both carry deep full bodied sounds that can conjure up emotional depth, creating sensations with deep body effects followed by sweet harmonic overtones that echoes through the nervous system like waves. This ringing feels like gentle vibration washing through your body. The Atlantis gong vibrates healing frequency that stimulates: Emotional Balance, Clear Energetic Blockages, and Heighten Intuitive Connection. Be immersed in this tantalizing sound bath, wash away negative blockages, transform through the intensity and be reborn through the Journey.

This journey through the Vibrations and the senses combines: Sound Healing Therapy, Brain Entrainment, ASMR, and a variety of instruments to create a safe and intention based environment for mind space exploration, energy release, and channeling of inspiration.

About Shaman Jay:
Native to the Philippines, Simon Jay a.k.a. “Shaman Jay”was raised and taught by his grandmother who was a “Hilot/Babaylan” meaning she was the family/community healer, elder sage and soothsayer. Jay came to America to master energy healing, crystals, sound therapy, Reiki, and aromatherapy. His specialty is working with shamanic healing and ceremonies. Today Jay is a painter of visionary art and a sound healing musician/therapist with over 10 years of musical experience. He is a student of the Chicago Shaolin Temple and leads qi gong/tai chi classes.

Our Akashic Guide: Christine Zenino
Akashic Love and Light! Christine is an Akashic Record reader, certified Crystal and Reiki practitioner. Using the Akashic Records she helps her clients uncover relevant past lives, heal karmic debts, ties and relationships, and discover their true purpose in life. Aside from doing readings by phone, in-person and at events, she also provides a variety of energy clearing services for crystals, chakras, karmic energy, and homes using sound and a variety of other methods. www.

This is an immersive journey meditation, and it is best to be at your most comfortable state to let go of your body all the way and let the soundscapes carry your consciousness.

Early bird pricing till 11/22: $30
Regular admission 11/23-11/24: $35