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Nutrition + Yoga Workshop with Kristen DeAngelis, RD, LD, RYT

Food is medicine and the nourishment we put into our bodies is vital for our physical, mental, and spiritual journey. Kristen DeAngelis is enthusiastic about sharing with you the absolute healing POWERS food has on our body! Kristen is a holistic + integrative Dietitian who has worked with hundreds of individuals on their path to health including serving as the personal nutritionist for Joe Cross, the star of the hit "juicing" documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Additionally, as a passionate yoga teacher of the past 8 years, Kristen integrates the practice of yoga and mindfulness into her work as a nutritionist with her clients and workshops over the years. 

Join us Sunday, July 15th for an EMPOWERING 2 hour workshop where we will incorporate both yoga + nutrition to help you achieve your health goals! We will start with a power vinyasa class, turn our attention inwards, and re-fuel with refreshing juices and smoothies! Kristen will demo delicious plant based powerfoods and give you the strategies to fuel your metabolism this Summer! 

Learn step by step on EASY + DELICIOUS healthy eating, blending, and juicing with a focus on getting in more plants this summer! 

During your 1-hour nutrition session with Registered Dietitian, you’ll Learn:

• How to Feed Your Body’s POWERHOUSE (aka cellular metabolism)
• How to Apply Plant Based Nutrition into your daily routine (to reduce oxidative stress)
• How to Incorporate New Plant Based Recipes
• Understand the difference between Smoothies + Juices
• The benefits of incorporating specific plant based foods + how to make simple Summer Upgrades

2 Hour Workshop Includes:

• 1 HOUR COURSE ON HOW TO FEED YOUR POWER (aka your cellular energy...METABOLISM!)

WHEN: July 15th, Sunday 2:00 - 4:00 PM
WHERE: Shiva Shack Chicago
2 hour Yoga + Nutition Workshop Cost: $30.00

Have Questions? Please Contact Kristen at