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Learn Lucid Dreaming - Part I and II, with Alejandro Salinas

Lucid Dreaming begins with a moment of recognition that you're dreaming within the dream. From here the possibilities for exploration are endless. This 2 part series will allow participants to spend a week practicing Lucid Dreaming techniques in a curated dreamy sound and landscape between sessions. 

The series will take place over 2 consecutive Fridays: July 20 & 27 6.30pm-8.30pm.

Day 1 (July 20):
* The science of sleep and dreams
* Getting better sleep
* Dream Recall/Reality Checks/Induction
* Night time yoga practice

Day 2 (July 27):
* Utilizing Lucid Dreams
* Tibetan Dream Yoga
* Nightmares and shadow work
* Day time yoga practice

Both days will provide time for Q & A for specific obstacles or questions

About your instructor: 
Alejandro has been passionate about lucid dreaming from a young age. He began teaching workshops in 2015 while completing his Yoga Teacher Training. He has studied with Lucid Dreaming and shadow work teacher Charlie Morley and Lucid Dream researcher and pioneer Stephen LaBerge, Ph. D. 
Alejandro works as a clinical massage therapist, a core instructor, teaching assistant and tutor at The Soma Institute. He makes music for his workshops and his massages. He is on a mission to relax the planet… one night at a time.

$50 for Both Days
$30 Individually