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Shannon Curtis House Concert Tour | Chicago

You are invited to a house concert (at a yoga studio) by songwriter & storyteller Shannon Curtis on Sunday, July 29, as part of her 2018 “Both at the Same Time” House Concert Tour.

Doors open at 7:00pm. The concert begins promptly at 8:00pm - there will be no entry.

A Shannon Curtis house concert is an inspiring and magical event; and the show that she’s bringing us this season aims to draw us together as a community to share an intentional experience of uplifting and meaningful connection with each other. She’ll be performing original songs from her new album Both at the Same Time, and a few older favorites, tied together with her signature immersive storytelling. Through soaring melodies, resonant stories, and an open-hearted delivery, she’ll take us through a journey exploring what it means to live in the tension of truths unresolved to each other — and how learning to live in that space can be an experience in which we discover fresh perspectives, unexpected peace, and even, perhaps, joy. We can’t wait to share this special night with you.



How much are tickets? 
There is no ticket price for this event; it is a donation-based concert. Please come prepared to make a donation to the artist at the conclusion of the show.

Can I bring my kids and/or pets? 
In order to achieve the focused and immersive experience they work to create during the concert, Shannon and Jamie request that guests not bring their pets, and that there be no children in attendance. Young adults over the age of 10 who are able to sit silently for an uninterrupted 75-minute performance are welcome. You know your kid best, and we trust that you’ll use your best judgement.

Where can I learn more about Shannon?
Here’s a link to her latest video, “Armed With Joy,” a song from her new album Both at the Same Time:

You can see her 2015 TEDx talk here:

And you can learn more at her website,