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Deep Dive: Zen Drummer Transformational Sound and Aromatherapy

Join Damon the Zen Drummer and expert aromatherapist Maximilian Gasseholm for a journey beyond the senses. This transformative experience in consciousness will blend Damon’s exotic drums and deep voice with Maximilian‘s essential oils and guided meditation.

In this self exploration we will dive deep into our hearts and souls, clearing out all that keeps us limited and chained. With the synergistic union of sound and aromatherapy as our alchemical tools we will step into our boundless expression of Spirit where you access your true being as consciousness.

The Zen Drummer’s rhythmic instrumentation opens the gates of awareness while Maximilian infuses your experience with the powerful plant medicine of intentionally formulated essential oils.

You can make this experience your own whether you want to drop into a state of deep meditation or express yourself through dance and movement. You will leave with an uplifted consciousness and an ever new joy in your heart.