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Intro to Shamanism, Trance Journey Work, and the 7 Sacred Spirit Directions

Hosted by Shaman Jay, Shamanic Healing Workshop is a series focusing on healing the mind, body & spirit. By developing our inherent healing abilities, awareness to the world around us, participation in our co-creative manifestation, we bridge a stronger bond of connection to source and spirit world. This class will focus on learning about Shamanic techniques and how to implement them into your own healing practices.

We will be learning the 7 Sacred Directions, a very crucial part in most spiritual practice and ceremonies (commonly shared by all shamanic, esoteric, magical, pagan, and even religious practices) What are they? and how do they pertain to your everyday life?

We will explore the different meanings associated with the 4 elements (fire, air, water, earth) tied to each direction and have different meanings in different cultures. Peeling each layer that explains the physical material, emotional, will/spirit/drive, and mental/expression. Furthermore, we will also learn the meaning of above, below, and center, as well as the association with divine masculine, divine feminine, and the great mystery in the center which encompasses space and time.

By the end of the class you will have a better understanding of these 7 archetypes and learn how to  call and use them in ceremonies which can be used to invite or banish spirits or clear the energy of the room to be prepared for a ceremony, meditation or shamanic journeying

$25 - early registration (ends on April 17)
$30 - regular admission (April 18 - 19)