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Rich Gonshak April 26-28 Workshop Series at Pulsation Yoga: Introduction to Hatha Yoga

Join Rich in this series of workshops at Pulsation Yoga as we undertake transmuting basic and intermediate postures into insightful sources of knowledge of the works of our physical body and energy system.

Friday, Apr 26: 6-8pm, Forward Folds & Twists

Forward folding can be uncomfortable if you are very stiff. It may also not feel sensational at all if the practitioner is flexible. We will explore the tools (i.e. bandhas) to perform safe forward folding for all levels of stiffness. Once the lower half of the body has been grounded, we will electrify the spine with basic therapeutic twists.

Saturday, Apr 27: 10.30am-12.30pm, Hips with arm balances & inversions

Inversions are what makes yoga unique to physical fitness culture. Down dog, upward facing bow, even child's pose are there to prepare us for being comfortable upside down. Before we start standing on our heads, forearms and hands, we will first examine hip mobility and play with how it relates to arm balancing.

Saturday, Apr 27: 3-5pm, Adjustments Clinic

Adjustments focus on the art of assisting students through their yoga practice. This clinic is intended for deepening your personal practice or teaching. We will practice using breath, bodyweight, touch and feel. Rich is excited to share some of his favorite tricks of the trade. Bring an open mind and your favorite (and not so favorite) poses you'd like to work on.

Sunday, Apr 28: 10.30am-12.30pm, Back Bends & Shoulder Therapeutics

Our final practice will focus on how to move from belly backbends all the way up to full backbends on your back (also some fun stuff in between). After, we will learn some basic ways to develop healthier shoulders and upper thoracic spine mobility.