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Sildance/Acrodanza Fundraiser

Leyendas y Realidades premieres June 21 at Links Hall constellation as part of Silvita’s Co-mission Artists fellowship! We are super excited! And we have been invited to perform this work in Chile January 2020! “Leyendas y Realidades” Yoga Party-Fundraiser will help us to buy flights to tour in Chile January 2020.

Come and get your Yoga practice, enjoy live music and delicious Mexican food, support art and help Sildance/AcroDanza to fly to Chile!!!

The yoga party will start with an hour of Vinyasa yoga led by Silvita with Live music by Wiebe Dirk which will transition into a short partner yoga session and will finish with a restorative yoga session led by Tess Collins. After yoga practice we will have delicious Mexican food, drinks, more awesome music by DJ Gargantulung and silent auction. Come, practice, have delicious food and drink and support Art.

“Leyendas” is based on legendary and historical characters from the fall of the Aztec empire and Mesoamerica by the Spanish which gave birth to Mexico Mestizo; Mexico Moderno. “Leyendas y Realidades” will premiere June 21 and run for two weekends at Links Hall dates: 21, 23, 27 and 29.

Fly us to Chile - Join us at ShivaShack!

Tickets/Suggested Donation $40.
Purchase here: