Aaron Davis


MONDAY 6-7.15PM vinyl vinyasa

FRIDAY 4.30-5.45pm midtempo yoga

SUNDAY 10.30-11.45AM uptempo yoga

In 2001, my introduction to yoga was when a friend asked me to accompany her to a class in Louisville, KY. I had just returned from a run, but I thought, "Sure, it's yoga. How challenging could it be?" The answer, I have learned, is challenging enough to consistently keep me engaged and coming back to the mat all these years later.

The enthusiasm for yoga first developed in my home state was deepened through teacher trainings and workshops in California and here in Chicago. The most transformative influence on my personal practice has been working individually with Rich Gonshak since 2013. His instruction with an emphasis on breathing and bandhas has infused new life into my practice.

I am honored to have time on the class schedule. My goal is to create a playful class that builds strength and flexibility but honors individual experience levels and physical limitations.