Class Descriptions

Ashtanga/Hatha Self Practice: 

Practice the Ashtanga series to the cadence of your own breath, while receiving personal guidance from the teacher and lighthearted support from the community. In the tradition of Sri K. Pathabi Jois, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a scientific method where postures are done in a sequential order. 

Feel free to practice your own set of postures as well or receive a therapeutic Hatha sequence from the instructor.

This class provides a quiet and contemplative atmosphere (no music).

Vinyl Vinyasa: a class for all levels and music lovers. DJs spin the records, yogis do the dance (postures). 

Downtempo: slow down the rhythms of your body to recharge. Restorative, gentle flow.  

Midtempo: Beginner to intermediate postures are offered in this practice. Perfect if you are just getting started. This fundamentals-based practice is a nice blend of poses that teaches the balance of ease and effort. 

Uptempo: For the more athletic or looking-to-be more athletic students. Don't be intimidated by the name, this is the slow burn. Going deeper in a practice doesn't mean going faster, it means going slower. This all-levels practice is rooted in the fundamentals but also includes a look into advanced postures and sequences. You will leave with a fully balanced body and mind.