Ilana Emer


THURSDAY beginner/gentle yoga: 12-1.00pm

SATURDAY midtemp0 yoga: 12-1.30pm


My yoga journey started in 2013 when I realized that I had to do SOME type of exercise. Having had little to no athletic abilities or interest, a friend convinced me to try yoga. During that first savasana, I realized I had found my passion. Yoga’s endless and rich teachings of the practice and its history satiate my inexhaustible desire to learn. My classes incorporate everything I have ever learned, from the rigor of Ashtanga, to the prop-positive alignment based Iyengar style, to the experimentation of poses found in Hatha, and the joy of movement felt in Vinyasa.

Since discovering Shiva Shack, I feel I have found my yoga home. I learn more from Rich in one hour than I did in 200 hours of teacher training! The kindness, encouragement, and celebration of yoga that this community embodies is like no place else and I am honored to be a part of it!